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Committed to providing lightweight, comfortable prosthetic devices to help improve mobility and promote independence

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As a prosthetics expert, Action Orthotics & Prosthetics, custom-fits and fabricates upper and lower limb prosthetic devices (also called prostheses) for our patients. Prosthesis is defined as being a functional replacement for an amputated or congenitally malformed or missing limb. Prostheses are usually prescribed by a physician (either a physiatrist or vascular surgeon) and then custom made and integrated by our Certified Prosthetist.

Commonly fabricated from plaster of paris casts of your affected limb(s), prostheses are typically made of lightweight carbon fiber laminations. However, they can also be made of other materials, including Kevlar and/or thermoplastic materials. While there are many ways to take a model of a residual limb, we still hand-cast most of our amputees because it is still the best way to do the job while providing the most personalized product for our patients without any shortcuts.

Reasons People Require Prosthetic Care
While a person may require the use of a prosthetic for many different reasons, some common causes of amputation include:
• Diabetes and/or Peripheral Vascular Disease
• Trauma (Motor Vehicle Accidents, Industrial Accidents, etc.)
• Other Diseases, including Cancer & Meningitis
• Congenital (at birth) Malformation or Absence of a Limb

Our Follow-Up Appointments Allow Continued Comfort

Whether you are a new prosthetics patient just getting mobile again post-op, or someone who has worn an artificial device for many years, we work directly with a team of medical professionals including surgeons, physical therapists and your primary care physician to achieve the best results for you. Follow-up appointments with our staff ensure optimum use out of your prosthetic, by keeping us informed of any changing conditions or requirements our patients may experience throughout their prosthetic care. Our highly trained staff will listen to your questions, concerns and overall goals to ensure as smooth of a transition as possible for our prosthetics patients. We also keep up-to-date on the latest technology designed for your continued comfort and ease of living.

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