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Custom Made Orthotic Devices; Help reduce pain while increasing mobility.

athletic knee brace
As a Certified Orthotist (Orthotic Specialist) we make orthotic devices (or orthoses), which are used to stabilize, correct and/or restore function to impaired limbs and body joints. We specialize in Custom Orthotic bracing from head to toe. We work with patients of all ages from our pediatric population to our senior population, and all those in between.

We perform a detailed biomechanical assessment with each patient to help guide us in creating the most functional orthotic device for a patient’s specific need.
We fabricate custom-made upper limb, lower limb, spinal orthoses and custom made foot orthotics. Orthotics are often recommended for a patient by their physician, physical or occupational therapist or their orthotist. An orthosis is used on either a temporary or permanent basis, depending upon your individual diagnosis.

You do not necessarily need a referral by your doctor or therapist in order to seek an orthotic consult, many of our patients come to see us first to discuss their options, and then we help to approach your doctor for a prescription for an orthotic device if required.

Orthoses Made of Lightweight Thermoplastics
At Action Orthotics & Prosthetics, our mission first and foremost is to provide you with lightweight, comfortable orthotic devices so you can regain maximum function and independence. Most commonly fabricated from plaster of paris volumetric casts made of each patient's affected limb, and most orthoses are made of lightweight thermoplastics. However, they can also be made of other high-tech materials, including carbon fiber and titanium. Some orthoses also utilize sophisticated electronics to perform their rehabilitory functions.
Custom Fabrication
At Action Orthotics & Prosthetics we most commonly hand cast our patients in a sub-talor neutral posiution to achieve the most desirable patient mold. Majority of our Orthoses are modified and fabricated in our on-site lab by the Orthotist that initially assessed you. This combination assures you the most comfortable and functional fit possible.

Reasons People Require Orthotic Care
While a person may require orthotic care for many reasons, some of the most common include:

• Over pronation (flat feet), pes cavus (high arch feet), diabetic insensate feet and ulceration.
• Neuromuscular & Musculoskeletal Disorders (Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, etc.)
• Fracture & Post-Operative Management (Knee Replacements, Hip Replacements, etc)
• Preventative & Corrective Care (Scoliosis, Osteoarthritis, etc.)
• Sports Injuries including Ligamentous Tears, Sprains & Strains.

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