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Custom Made and Modified Footwear

We provide custom made footwear, and also custom modify existing footwear for biomechanical foot conditions. If you have a debilitating foot condition, please consult your physician, and we can help provide you custom made shoes, or modify your current footwear with or without custom foot orthotic intervention to help you get back to your normal routine.

Custom made footwear are made from a plaster mold of your feet to provide optimal fit and function from the sole up, these shoes will fit you, and only you. These shoes are made from scratch over the mold of your feet for the best possible results. They are high quality footwear, with a higher cost associated with them due to them being fully custom made to you. Custom made footwear is sometimes funded through your extended medical plans, or WCB or ICBC if required.

We can also take pre-existing shoes and modify them to suit our specific patient's needs, from adding an external 1/4"-3" or higher shoe raise due to a leg length discrepancy, adding custom velcro closures instead of laces to aid in ease of donning your shoes, stretching your footwear through the forefoot or in a spot specific location due to bony deformity or swelling, adding rocker soles externally to your shoes to aid a fused foot in rolling over the toes with more ease, adding a lateral buttress to a shoe to improve lateral stability impaired by a neuromuscular condition or surgical fusion, just to name a few.

With our on-site lab majority of these shoe modifications are done on-site so our turnaround time is generally less than a week for most shoe modifications.